Tip For Hiring a Sarasota Web Designer

Don’t Hire a Web Designer Who Only Knows 1 Programming Language

We see this all the time – “Web Designers” that only know how to build websites in one language. That’s a sign that you should continue to search out better web designers. The reason is that there are many different software brands out there and some are better than others, depending on the needs for your website.

The worst part of it is that the one software they use is usually a cookie cutter style website and that is bad for your business. The scenario is they probably used that software a few times because it was easy and instead of becoming a good web designer building for the client’s needs they chose to be a limited designer but easy for their own needs.

We have used all kinds of software over the years and some are better than others depending what you want to accomplish. We’ve even write custom code from scratch when needed. We’ve used Drupal, ModX, Joomla, WordPress, JS, Boot strap, Angular and so on. A great web designer will know the different application for the your specific needs and then build the site around those needs. Some developers will still use the older software’s because they are fluent in it. The challenge you might have is that you won’t be able to learn how to update it anytime soon and that leaves you dependent on your designer. That can get costly over time.

Anyone who only knows one kind of software to develop in will be very good at selling that style otherwise they won’t be able to sell you anything else. Take some time to meet many developers and get many opinions. Then back them up with their experience, clients, years in business and for sure look at some of their current work. Don’t just jump into the first quote and certainly don’t base it only on price. Buying cheap will cost you in the long run. I see it every week!

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