Scott Gonnello


Four Decades Of Experience In Software Development, Web Development & Search Engine Optimization.

Phase One: 1980’s

Scott started writing software on a Commodore 64 in 1982. He upgraded to a PC and has been a developer ever since. His early software experience set the foundation for his success in the Internet space and continues to grow.

Phase Two: 1990’s

Scott started working with websites in the early 1990s when the internet was made available to the public. He used his software development skills and applied them to the internet as he became proficient at building websites.

Phase Three: Today

The term SEO started around the late 1990s. The truth is Scott had an Optimization mindset since his software development days. All three phases of his career has helped him become one of the best SEO consultants in America today.

It’s the litte Details

The Data Doesn’t Lie

SEO, Website Development and Software Development is all about the little details, the data and the specific application that helps the client succeed the best. Scott has 4 decades of experience reading the little details that produces the best outcomes for his clients.


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Four Decades of Experience

What We Do Best

Strategic Thinking

We look at the entire picture not the “latest and greatest” phrases that Internet startups are selling.

Quicker Results

Our experiences gets results faster and more precise than companies with less experience. 

It's About the Data

Our strength is in our ability to read and analyze your data, as well as your competitors.

Well Oiled Machine

We have perfected the way we SEO and develop websites so we won’t waste your time or money.

Putting it all Together

Our experience and business background helps connect all aspects of your business.

Protecting Market Share

We’ve been helping businesses grow and protect their market share for decades.