Tip For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire a Web Designer Unless They Are Good at SEO

Don’t Hire a Web Designer Unless They Are Really Good at SEO. In today’s market you’d think that every web developer is an SEO expert but that is not the case. Most web designers today only do websites because they are doing websites on the side for extra cash.

SEO is an important part of web design and when your website is built it should be optimized for the internet – unless you don’t care about getting your website found. Some companies are OK with not being found online. They might have it only for their customers and manually send them to the website by a link. However most of the businesses we see want search engine results.

I have seen it for many years now – web designers don’t care about SEO because it’s too complicated. We meet with the owners of their new website and then have to fix the site for better optimization. Those days should be over but they are not.

Think of your website as a car that drives traffic to you or you to the traffic. Like any car you need a good engine and transmission in order for that vehicle to take you where you want to go. Getting a website with no SEO is like having a beautiful car but no engine. Looks great but it does not drive any traffic to you.

Every site we build we SEO it and connect it to the search engines so that they know you’re there and wait for your to communicate with them. If a web designer tells you that the SEO is done once the site is live they are not knowledgeable and should be avoided.

SEO is more than a few plugins. Be careful when you hear that they added some SEO plugins to the site, or that you just need some videos or back-links. That version of SEO is like taking your car and replacing the engine with bike peddles – that makes you the engine and you won’t go too far.

In a market where everyone and their grandmother are web developers you really need to hire a qualified company – not person. There are so many commercials that makes web design look so easy that even you could do it. That’s true but that’s as far as it goes. Many of those easy building sites don’t perform SEO but fear not! They will up charge you for mediocre SEO work that still won’t be too effective.

If you’re going to hire a web designer please look at companies that have a stronger SEO focus than bragging about websites. Look at their clients and testimonials and choose between the 3 different companies you interview. You’ll make better decisions and that will help your business succeed.

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