Tips For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire a Web Designer Who is on a Barter Exchange

This is a tricky one. I say don’t hire a web designer who is on a barter exchange or club because over the years of taking on client’s from other companies we have see the disaster that comes from many barter style companies.

Think about it – many people go there because they don’t have a lot of business or are trying to grow their business. That means that their reputation is not quite good enough to stand on it’s own. So many of them are learning as they start out. Sure you don’t have to pay out any cash but you are still paying for it. What good is it to pay for something if it doesn’t work for you?

The usual scenario we see is a mediocre website that has no SEO tied into it and missing a lot of crucial elements for a searchable site. What’s worse is that it usually is an outdated software that is tough to manage yourself. That means you have to go back to that person for updates and as often as your site should be updated, that’s a lot of bartering. The bottom line is that it does nothing to drive traffic to it and that means little results.

I’m not saying that every web designer on a barter exchange is mediocre but I’m saying think about it before you hire. Go out and get multiple quotes and ask lots of questions. We even had a client that wanted us to go onto the barter group to keep his business. We refused and lost the business but it was better than being on the exchange and loosing our reputation.

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