Tip For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire Someone Unless They Are Full Time Web Designers

Here is a very important tip: Don’t hire someone unless they are a full time web designer. I know it sounds simple but it’s not. It seems everyone these days are a web designer – I’ll have a latte and a side of some webdesign. Real estate agents build websites, DJ’s, TV commercials make it look easy for anyone to design a website and it never ends. Free websites, easy websites, fast websites, cool websites . . . . .

While everyone is running around building websites it is hurting the web design industry and that dilutes the really good companies out there. There are not licensing, certifications, apprenticeships, degrees or any kind of training needed to be a web designer. So many people start building as sites for some weekend cash and then build it up to a nice side job. These side gigs bring the pricing down where larger companies can’t compete. When they leave the market the industry gets weaker and less talented.

I have seen “Web Designers” (and I use that term loosely), come and go year after year. The reason is they don’t keep up with the latest updates, upgrades, internet needs and software challenges. While they are making coffee or showing houses they aren’t building any experience with all the new techniques. They only have limited skills that quickly go out of style. So hiring your barista to build your website will have it’s consequences.

It all comes back to effectiveness – do you want your site to get found? How about preventing hackers from taking it over? What about having all the functions work? You might think just because it looks nice that it’s safe, effective, and will be on the top page for every search imaginable – Sorry – Probably not.

We actually had a restoration client hire us and asked all kinds of questions for every little detail we did. They learned what we were doing and got all the knowledge they thought they needed. The they wanted all their money back and now they are trying to sell websites on the side.

Do yourself a favor when it comes to your business website – hire a full time web designer, not a part time web gig person. You’ll be happy you did and you won’t get caught up in a bad scenario.

More tips for hiring a web designer

  1. Don’t hire someone who is in another country
  2. Don’t hire someone who you won’t listen to

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