Tip For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire Someone Based on Emotions

Here is a very important tip: Don’t hire someone based on emotions. I know it sounds easy but it’s not. I have had so many conversations with start up companies, and even large established companies who hire based on their emotion. So what does that mean?

The conversation starts out with someone coming to use because their website isn’t working for them. We look it over and realize that is is a very basic site with little chance of doing anything for promoting their business. It comes around to “Who built it?” Thant’s when the emotions come out. Things like:

  • My nephew is trying to get into this industry
  • My friend’s daughter has been playing around with website and I want to help her
  • My kid is in college taking internet courses and he needs the practice
  • My friend helped me out – he does his own site

The truth is that however good it makes you feel helping someone out the worse it’s going to be for you. I have seen this time after time. I’m all for helping people but when the survival of your company depends of a quality functioning website you really need to put your emotions aside and make a better business decision.

The internet changes daily, software’s change weekly and web designers pop up even faster. You really should think long term when it comes to the survival of your business. Hiring somebody because you want to save some money and help out a friend becomes very costly in the end. You will eventually go to a professional web designer and spend more money to do the whole thing over. But that’s not all the cost – there is the money you didn’t make because nobody could find you and then there’s the competition growing stronger because they took business that should have been yours.

IF you want to help a friend get the site built properly and then let them have the keys to the site so they can learn how to do it correctly vs learning from a YouTube video that’s years old and outdated.

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