Don’t Hire a Web Designer That You Won’t Listen To

Please don’t hire a web designer that you won’t listen to. Providing you have hired a good web designer you should take what they say if they have a strong suggestion/opinion on something. I’ve worked with business owners since the internet took off. We have built all kinds of websites with all kinds of software’s and we have seen all kinds of scenarios. That means we’ve seen a lot of things that clients want that are not good for their website.

Having seen and experienced all kinds of good an bad things we try to talk client’s out of making a bad decision. Some of those things are simple things and some are more technical. On a simple level wanting and fighting for a specific size width for a website is a bad deal. Yes, it looks perfect on your monitor and wanting it that size so it looks good for you does not mean it will look good for someone else. With today’s technology and devices that website changes for every device and forcing everyone to look at it the way you want and not the way they want will effect your traffic.

On a more technical side building and growing a website while it is live is much better than waiting until it is totally done. This keeps the search engine crawlers coming back to search and update your website which helps get your indexing up faster. We had a client that could not finish his website because it wasn’t perfect, keep in mind it was 10 times better than his current site. He never went live with it and eventually lost his business. If it had been live and searched he would have done much better.

I’ll be the first to admit that at times we don’t get along with every client and have even fired some. Usually it comes down to a difference in opinion. While some client’s are hard to please others will take suggestions and be successful while making the tweaks as they grow.

There is no such thing as a perfect website and once you understand that it’s easy to complete it and get it out there making money for you. No website should eve be “done.” You should be updating it, adding to it, redesigning it when needed and keeping it fresh and relevant weekly. This is your best chance to making it near perfect for all your viewers.

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