2020 SEO Strategy for Success | Lakewood Ranch

By now, most people and businesses in Lakewood Ranch who have websites, understand the importance of SEO. It is a necessity for online exposure and to stay competitive. Poor SEO means little traffic to your website and therefore you get pushed to the last pages of the search engines.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization algorithms change regularly. It’s important to note the changes and implement them on your site. The competition and the constant struggle for SEO supremacy is a daily task. However, the pay off is big. Being on the first page and at the top of the page, means your website will get the most attention.

Google Algorithm

Google’s algorithm changes often, and in many different ways. This is why constant SEO is not a one time job It is an ongoing, regular maintenance important step in having a website. Below are some of the 2020 SEO Strategy for Success that you need to pay attention too:

Not a Mobile Website

This is one of the top issues. So many businesses have ignored the need for a mobile website. Today, the number of people using their cell phones to search is equal to the traffic driven by using computers, pads, and laptops. Google will move your website up the search engine rankings if your site is also a mobile website. Without it, plan on being left behind. 

Slow Loading or Moving Site 

If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, Google will push it towards the bottom of the search engine rankings. This is because Google knows visitors need a great experience. That means getting the information they want – fast. If it takes more than three seconds to load, they will click out and move to another site. You need to get this fixed and fast!


A risky site is bad business for Google. Your site needs to be updated to SSL secure which means that your data is encrypted. Standard security technology is a link that ensures all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private.

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