Tip For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire Someone Based on Price

I can’t even tell you how many people we speak with about websites on a monthly basis but it’s a lot. We always hear the same thing and that is:

“We’re just starting out and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a website”

I get that, in fact I’ve been there but that was in the times where basic websites were 6 to 10 thousand dollars for a basic website. The economy is better now and the prices of quality built websites have come way down. So it’s hard for me to sympathize knowing what I know. The truth is that your website is going to be the first point of contact for people who are meeting you and your company for the first time. That means if you skimp on a quality website it will say a lot about your company. It could give the wrong impression, give the wrong information or even worst – not show up and that means your company doesn’t exist. That’s really bad for business – especially if you’re just starting out.

The Trap

I have heard the same excuse time after time and that is “Well at least I didn’t pay a lot for it.” That’s usually why it never worked for them. I’m not saying the more you spend the better you’ll do. What I am saying is the less you pay the worst you’ll probably do. Don’t go into buying a website based on the cheapest price. That saying of “You get what you pay for” has been around for a long time because its true.

There are scores of people out there that will give you a beautiful looking site for under $500.00. How can you go wrong! That’s a great price, or is it. The trap is that it looks really nice so it has to be good – WRONG! Having a nice looking website means nothing if it doesn’t work. That would be like saying the engine in your car died so you get the car painted and detailed to look nice. It still doesn’t run…

Here’s the secret – most of these people are doing nothing more than what you can do. Watch a video on YouTube and then go for it. WordPress is a free software, there are free templates out there, server companies can help you put them both on the server for the price of your annual server contract (which you pay whether they help or not). There, you’re a web designer. If you want to save money do it yourself.

Ahhh but you’re probably thinking that you’re not qualified or smart enough to do this. You’re probably right but the sad part is neither is the person you are hiring for $500.00. The quality of work is no better than what you can do only now you’re out $500.00.

The Excuses

Here’s where the conversation gets frustrating. After reviewing many sites for all kinds of businesses we have to be brutally honest and explain why it’s not working properly, not getting found in the search engines, not communicating with the search engines, and so on. The excuse we always hear is “well at least I didn’t pay a lot for it.” The truth is that you actually did just based on what you paid for what it does. Even worse is that the lack of business helped your competition because you’re not in the mix of business.

A website should be your most cost effective tool in your business. When it’s done properly it can increase calls, emails, inquires, sales, profits and so on. Remember the search engine is the ONLY place where people go to look at commercials – your website. If you’re not there when they are looking you virtually don’t exist. So what ever you think you’re saving on that great deal of a website, think again – the health of your business depends on it.

More tips for hiring a web designer

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