DJ Websites

Disc Jockeys: A Competitive Industry

DJ, Wedding DJ, Karaoke DJ or what ever kind of Disc Jockey service out there, it is one of the most competitive online industries around. Lately everyone thinks they can be a Disc Jockey if they have an IPod and some speakers. This is one of the reasons the online space is so over populated.

The internet allows unqualified DJ’s to get on the top page if they know how to get there. The result is often many qualified disc jockeys never getting found.

At SEO & Website Services we research this industry and create a specific plan to gain access to the geographical areas our client’s want to market. We then design a website that best achieves these objectives. We can then maintain a monthly SEO service to achieve these targets or teach you how to do it if you have the time.

The result is a more successful business in a highly competitive market. Unique Mobile Sounds based in Southern California is a good example of this. Click here to learn more about this Disc Jockey Company.


Self Defense

Personal Protection!

Protecting yourself is an important part of survival these days. Protecting your business online is just as important. SWAT Training Orlando choose SEO & Website Services to create a website that helps market their personal protection classes and services.

After working with SWAT Training Orlando and researching the popular sites on the top pages, we created the best website to achieve the top page placement. It was important for SWAT Training Orlando to land on the top page of Google for “female weapons training Orlando” so we did just that.

They also wanted to get results for “Florida class D unarmed” and we showed them how to achieve that too. In fact, SWAT Training Orlando not only has the proper website to market their services, they now have the knowledge to do so as well. This will help make Central Floridians better protected.

Click here to learn more about SWAT Training Orlando.

Political Websites

George Condon for Council

A Political website is the lifeline to your constituents. Make sure it is one that can handle the ebbs and flow of a campaign. You also want to make sure you are getting found in the search engines for the latest political issues and hot topics.

The election of Barack Obama showed the power of a good internet infrastructure of his campaign as well as his ability to connect with the masses online. Let SEO & Website Services show you how to jump start your campaign and keep it in the search engines at every level. Without that your campaign could be lost.

Visit George Condon for Council to see what we did for his Campaign. Here’s a small excerpt:

. . . Now as I watch my grandson grow, I want to do my part to ensure that West Springfield remains a vibrant & livable community.

With the encouragement and support of family, friends and neighbors, I have decided to run for District 3’s Representative on the City Council.

I bring the initiative and experience of having started and managed five businesses in the local community. I understand what it takes to balance a budget, make tough decisions and get things done.