Spa Websites

A Spa website has specific details about it that works well in the search engines. SEO & Website Services researches the different Spas and design sites that best represent that Spa. Making your site unique is one of the things we do in order to get specific search results.

The Tranquility Center in Poway, CA  is a good example of what we do. We looked at their original website and noticed that it wasn’t set up for SEO. We then researched the market in their geographical area so that we could use all the local techniques that would yield the best results.

The result is a robust website that works great in the search engines. To learn more about the Tranquility Center in Poway, CA click here.

Hair Salon

A Hair Salon website is one of those interesting sites when it comes to the search engines. Depending what part of the world you are will determine the techniques you will need to use in order to get found in the search engines.

Every area has specific challenges due to many different circumstances. Understanding those challenges is what makes SEO & Website Services successful when it comes to achieving the best results.

There are many options for design and we work closely with each clients to achieve the exact look they are looking for. Building a website with SEO in mind first is the secret to our success and that turns into our client’s success!

With Salon Bocage they wanted to be on the top page of Google for a very specific search result. “Western Mass Hair Salon” Not long after we launched their website they made the top page. Not only did they make it there once but in most searches they were there at least twice. That’s not just a bragging right, it actually bounces one competition off that top page as well as makes them the more popular website on that top page.

I had tried a couple of the “free websites” out there but found that they didn’t work, plus they took my time away from my business trying to maintain them. Working with SEO & Website Services was the best solution I could find. I never found my website on the search engines until I went with SEO & Website Services. Take it from me – don’t waste your time on a so called free website, not getting found online is a HUGE cost!    ~ John Allen, Owner

Click here to learn more about Salon Bocage.