Photographer Websites

A picture is worth a thousand words only if someone can see it. If you don’t have an SEO friendly website then chances are you won’t be showing it to a lot of people.

Too often photographers make the mistake by building a flashy free site and the result is they never get found in the search engines. This is because the flashy software used to make it so cool looking conflicts with the search engines and prevents their site from being indexed – and that means no success.

SEO & Website Services is familiar with the photography industry and knows the challenges that photographers have. We have worked with many photographers over the years in many different capacities such as landscape photographers, model photographers, portrait photographers, and the list goes on.

We were contacted by Synergy Images in the Central Florida area about some of the challenges they encountered. After a review of the search standards for the photography industry, we worked with them on design and ease of use to create a site that addresses these issues and is easy for them to maintain.

The result is a robust website that they can add to as often and as many new photographs as they want to. The photography website also helps them maintain a better storage and filing system for their different types of images.

Click here to view Synergy Images.