KA Radio Scotland Gets An All New Site

As many of you know, we here at SEO & Website Services are very passionate about getting people away from cookie cutter websites. This helps them realize their full potential by creating SEO friendly websites that promote their businesses better.

We recently launched SEO & Website Services in the United Kingdom. Having worked with businesses and individuals over the past year, we found many of them needed better SEO tools and education. One such business was the Scottish based internet radio station KA Radio who had been stuck with a cookie cutter site that was really not doing them any favors.

Through working with the station heads and a few of the presenters, we created a site that any station could be proud of and ensured that everything was laid out in a fashion that was clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention searchable. We ensured that each aspect of the station was covered and as radio has an ever evolving nature just like SEO, we continue to work closely with KA Radio to promote them, their sponsors and their listeners.

KA Radio does their best to promote new artists around the world and needed a site that would allow them to reach listeners both locally and abroad and cookie cutter sites just don’t do them justice, so with a SEO & Website Services site they now have a better chance at showing the world what they can do.

If you want to see the site or listen to some of the amazing shows they have to offer then CLICK HERE.