Email Security


Recently we at SEO & Website Services found out about something we found to be a little shocking in this day and age when internet security should be the top of any net users list.

Yahoo users were shocked to learn that around 450,000 users had their account login information posted online by a group of hackers. The hackers spoke out against the security of Yahoo saying that the exercise was meant to show just how simple it was to bypass Yahoo’s security functions. There is a lesson to be learned from this event in that no matter what safety measures an internet company may take you must always be prudent and take precautions yourselves too.

The very fact that this amount of information was made freely available however briefly to the public means that you should be changing your passwords as soon as possible and in fact should be updating your security measures on a regular basis. The problem is that although this has been made public knowledge through the likes of CNN, most people will remain unaware that potentially they have personal information up for grabs simply because they don’t regularly change their password and security options.

Think of internet security and secure web hosting the same way as you would your own home, you have a key that is unique to your home and your precious possessions are safely locked inside. Now if you had your jacket stolen with your wallet and keys inside then you would immediately get your locks changed and your cards disabled so that the thief could not use them. The same should be true about your passwords online. If there is even the slightest chance of somebody using your information without your knowledge then you need to change your passwords.

Always make sure your Email security works for you and not against you. Here at SEO & Website Services we can help you to learn how to better defend yourselves with advice on how to maintain security so that you can rest easy knowing your accounts are safer.

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