SMM Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you have a strategy or are you just reacting to a recommendation that someone told you about? We’ve had several clients approach us saying they need to be on a certain social media site because they heard someone talking about it at a conference or meeting. In many cases those moves could be costly to their business with little success.

There are many different things a company should consider when creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy. Companies are better off spending some quality time creating a strategy than wasting time working the wrong networks.

SEO & Website Services helps our clients create social media marketing strategies that are well thought out and highly effective. Our work and research will gives them a better understanding of what is needed to produce an effective campaign. They also have the confidence that they have chosen the best possible social networks for their brand and image. Here are just a few things to we do for our clients:

  • Industry Research – We research the latest trends in social networking sites used in their industry
  • Competition Research – We research the competition and the types of social media campaigns they are engaged in
  • Search Engine Research – We research the latest social media marketing trends within the search engines and how well they are producing for the specific industry
  • Geographical Research – We research the latest local search results for social media marketing and the trends that are more popular

These are just some of the item we research and develop for our clients. The process is a thorough one and takes a few days to produce a final report. Understanding this information helps them succeed and produce better results than their competition. Savvy businesses understand the cost of our social media marketing strategy is far less than the cost of doing it wrong.

Once you have your Social Media Marketing Strategy the next step is  Planning. To learn more click here. Your other option would be to contact us using the secure form below and let us show you how we can help.