Cheap Websites

Anyone Can Build A Cheap Web Site

An SEO Architectural Web Site is far different than one of those cookie cutter do it yourself sites. Sure they are cheap – low monthly fee “easy to use” (depending on what your definition of easy is), no developing experience needed, and a list that goes on and on until it makes you want to “Buy Now!” But is that the smartest thing to do? It might ruin your reputation, your brand, your image and more importantly – help your competition.

The Cheap Website: Challenges

The challenges with those kinds of web sites are that they are made for the masses and not the search engines. This means you have to build it to fit into their cookie cutter template. These templates don’t have the required tools to speak with the search engines and you end up having a mediocre site that no one can find, (unless you tell them where to look.)

Cheap Website: Remedy Trap

But fear not! They will help you with their version of SEO by offering you some SEO “Plug-In” features. Again these seem cheap and fall into a cookie cutter service that is intended to fill that void that their web site software doesn’t fill. When you still can’t find your site on the search engines you’ll start looking for more “cheap” SEO services and plug-in tools.

Cheap Website: Poor Results

The result is that you spend more money on “Cheap” things and end up with the same results – NONE. Here’s the trap that could keep you from succeeding. Once you start down this path you might feel like you’ve invested too much money and time into your site to abandon it. You’ll want to try and save it by wasting more money on different cheap tools or services. Your reasoning might be that it’s less money to try this than it is to do that, (what ever this and that may be). The result is that you’re still not showing up on Google AND you’ve wasted more money, more time and ultimately your business’s reputation (the conventional wisdom is that if you’re not on the the top pages of Google you can’t be that good of a company). Ultimately you competition is getting the calls that you should be getting. That is a bad position to be in especially in THIS economy.

Cheap Website: Lesson Learned

You loose more money Not being on the top pages of a Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. than it costs to get there.Time and time again we hear the same story about those monster hosting companies that talk a great game but deliver nothing. Once you understand that cheap in financial terms also means cheap in quality then you can start to rebuild your brand again by staying away from the cheap website deals.

The Help You Need

Scott W. Gonnello has an extensive background in SEO and Web Development. He is one of the best SEO Consultants in the United States and designs his web sites for SEO first. This means his sites get found by the search engines and has some of the best results on the market.

SEO & Website Services can create a new website and transfer your content from your cheap website into your more powerful website. This will pay for itself a lot quicker and in the end making it cost less than those cheap ones. Contact Scott today and get back in the game!