So you have a new website and you feel pretty good about how things are going so far, everything is working well and your visitor count is more than you originally thought you could achieve. But suddenly you recieve an E-Mail on how to improve your ranking on google from a person you have never heard of, they tell you that they know of a site which could get you x amount of million visitors a week but doesn’t go into great detail and the person doesn’t even appear to be associated with the company.

Are the alarm bells ringing yet? well they should be. SEO companies, reputable ones that is, do not rely on anonymous people to email you or comment on your page to provide a service to you and they certainly don’t promise unrealistic results. If you recieve a lot of random responses be they through E-Mail or comments on your site all related to the same site generally calling you ‘Hi Customer’ or better still ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ even though your name is clearly on display on the site, then you should bin the mail or delete the comment and just continue to do as you have been doing.

Reputable SEO companies will always contact you directly and if your name is on display they will always call you by name. They never promise results they can not achieve which is a dead give away for the less than reputable sites. But how can you be totally sure you aren’t being scammed even if the email seems legitimate?

Well one way is that reputable companies have no problem with your questions and will always answer freely what you need to know to confirm what they are doing. In fact most will insist on having a conversation with you face to face, over skype or over the phone if it is convenient to yourself. Real SEO companies never hide what they are doing, they are open and honest about the methods they use and you will never feel as though you are beneath their time be you a single user creating a site for your family to a multi national corporation extending your reach, everyone is equally important to the genuine SEO consultants.

So remember SEO consultants worth their salt will not contact you themselves, have high ranking sites that are easy to find and explain what they do in easy to understand terms and/or may be recommended to you by word of mouth by a friend or colleague and never promise what they can’t deliver. Never be afraid to ask questions no matter who you retain to help your site achieve it’s full potential and be wary of any company who refuse to communicate with you.