Search Engines

About The Search Engines

First and foremost when anyone speaks about search engines they usually use Google as the example. This is because Google owns more than 70% of the market share when it comes to search engine technology and usage. Add up all the rest – Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. and they don’t even add up to half of Google’s market share.

There are lots of companies with a great ranking on Yahoo or Bing but rarely show up on Google. This is important to understand – you would need to show up on 10 different search results on Yahoo or Bing to equal the value of showing up once on Google.This is because Google has 10 times the users than other search engines. If you’re not showing up on Google you have to work 10 times harder to get found!

How They Work

Google uses approximately 200 algorithms to determine if your web site will even make the results. If it does it then decides where in the list your site will be placed. They use those 200 algorithms to choose the best sites for the searches and keep out the less qualified ones. Google modifies these algorithms on a daily or weekly basis which means the constantly-changing software creates constantly-changing results. After all, Google needs to give a superior product otherwise they’ll loose valuable market share. With more than 70% market share they make sure that only the best sites get on the results page.

It’s All Relative

Relatively speaking – it’s all relative. This means that when you type in certain words or phrases for your search, Google will give you results that are relative to those words or phrases, relative to the changes in their software, relative to your location, etc., etc. So if you change a word or two, or the location, or sometimes even capitalizing you letters your results can be very different. Likewise, if you are searching for a generic product or service it becomes a more national search than local. once you put your state or town the results change. Again it’s relative to what you type in the search box.

Chasing A Ghost

Because it’s all relative, trying to add the latest and greatest SEO tricks to your site is like trying to chase a ghost. you don’t know what the Google latest algorithms are that wee – in fact Google probably doesn’t even know what they are! Each department is responsible for their own sets of codes and each department keeps their codes a secret. With all the department making different changes on a weekly basis it would be easier to count cards at a casino than to figure out what the combinations are today.

So What’s The Secret?

There is no secret fix and it’s not about tricks or Plug-In codes, its about quality. You need to build a strong architectural web design, fill it with great information and about 197 other factors that Google keeps secret! They take all of that and compare it to the others in your search criteria, your industry and the area that people are searching from or for and poof! there’s the results. Can you trick the search engines and get top page ranking without really deserving it? Maybe. (for a short period of time) This is why part of Google’s algorithms are looking for to prevent the cheating or spamming sites to show up on any result.

The Reality

There is no such thing a “Perfect Web Site.” The best you can hope for is having a web site with the least amount of “imperfections.” This means that you need to build a quality web site that is designed to speak to the search engines and make sure you have better quality architecture and information than your competition. Ultimately you need to have the least amount of mistakes on your web site and the best information relatively speaking for the search that is being taken place.

There’s More

You didn’t think that it would be that easy did you? There are more things that are important like having it hosted on a quality server. The server part is important because if your site is sitting on one of those mass marketed hosting server next to some spam sites, you could run the risk of being considered a spam site. Then it does’t matter how good your site is you’re not showing up. then there are many tiny techniques, paths, html structures and many other less known techniques that all add up to a great chance that you will land on the top pages of a Google time and time again. (sorry – but not with a cookie-cutter web site.)