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Recently, SEO & Website Services sent emails to all their clients in the Ellenton area. The email updates our clients on the recent changes implemented by Google. October 2019 – Google announced it is in the process of making major changes to its core search algorithm that could affect results rankings for many businesses worldwide. They have been modifying them throughout the year but more recently they have released them on a larger scale.

What This Means to You and Your Business in the Ellenton Area

Some clients may not see any changes in their ratings, however, some may see a dip in how they rank in the search engines. According to an article in

“The change is based on a simple premise. In the past, Google’s algorithm treated a search sentence as a “bag of words.” It picked out what it considered to be the important words–in “who is a great keynote speaker,” clearly “keynote” and “speaker” are more important than “is” and “a.”  But doing so eliminates context from a search sentence’s intent.“

In a nutshell – SEO driven blogs will be about more than keywords and phrases. Google will be taking into consideration each and every word including small words like in, the, and, at.  

So it is crucial that SEO driven blogs are written in the exact way that your target market will enter their words in the search bar. SEO & Website Services has always written for the expanded changes and blogged in that fashion. We will continue to create robust content to help in these algorithm modifications.

Beware of SEO Telemarketing Scams in the Ellenton Area

Because of these Google changes, many SEO firms have turned into telemarketers scam companies. Be careful of anyone that calls you claiming they care about your SEO results. These organizations have lost a lot of business and are desperate to stay afloat. The only thing they care about is their bottom line. They scare you into believing that you need them with their dishonest sales pitch. 

We have lost a few clients over the years to these scam companies. However, we do hear back from them. They state they thought they could save money, or get better results. Unfortunately, they lost all the work we did and had to start over in the search engines. By the time they figure out they were taken for a ride, it was too late. These scam companies, call hundreds of business owners a day, hoping to grab new clients. It doesn’t matter if you eventually drop them. They keep making the calls and new clients replace the old ones every day. It’s about the numbers with them. Lose one, gain two, as long as the money rolls in for them.  

This practice of bad SEO WILL hurt your Google rankings or may get you penalized by Google. It also means many months of not being found in the search results. These telemarketers claim to be experts and usually tell you that your present SEO company is doing things wrong. Don’t be fooled. 

Our SEO service is more than just SEO. Not only do we continually work to better your website optimization, but we also maintain the website, update the software weekly, add and adjust content when needed, make updates, optimize your Google My Business accounts, review your analytics and more. Plus we constantly monitor Google for changes and implement the new algorithms. 

We have been monitoring this all year

The team at SEO & Website Services is constantly keeping track of all the changes in search engine algorithms that Google implements. We have been preparing for this major change and believe that you may see a slight dip (as most companies will) but it will be temporary. If you experience anything that becomes a concern for you, please email us at and we will address your questions.

We appreciate your continued confidence in SEO & Website Services and will continue to work hard to maintain your online presence to be the best it can be.


Google Algorithm

Google’s algorithm changes often, and in many different ways. This is why constant SEO is not a one time job It is an ongoing, regular maintenance important step in having a website. Below are some of the 2020 SEO Strategy for Success that you need to pay attention too:

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