Google’s Current Chaos Mode

Are you receiving emails from Google which are confusing and scary? Messages that tell you that pages from your website are no longer being indexed, dips in website traffic, increase in error pages, potential loss of your Google My Business pages, and more? Well, you’re not alone. This is because Google is rolling out a ton of changes on many different verticals all at once.

SEO & Website Services has been getting a lot of calls lately from businesses because of these warning letters and updates. It seems their “SEO person or company” (yes I use that term loosely), can’t really explain what all this means or how to correct it. Here are just a few of the issues business owners are having:

  • We are about to lose our Google My Business Page
  • Our search results have dropped drastically over the past few months
  • Suddenly we are getting a lot of crawl errors.
  • We are losing indexing for a lot of pages – why and what does that mean?
  • We are not getting the results we feel we should be getting.
  • We’re getting fewer calls than before

We monitor all the Google products on a daily/weekly basis. So when changes are made, even the smallest of changes, we see them live. We routinely see Google testing different search results, map modifications, AdWords changes and more in real time. Because we have clients all over the world we see the different nuances in different areas. So when something is modified in one country or region of the states we can prepare for it when it arrives in the areas where our clients are. We closely follow the trends and are able to predict the changes and how to fix them.

SEO & Website Services Sarasota BradentonThe challenge that many “SEO people or companies” (and again, I use that term loosely), is that they do it part time or only for a few businesses. Your local Barista probably does SEO on the side because they can make some easy money. But true SEO is not a part time business and it’s not easy money – it’s a daily pursuit of investigating the trends and adjusting your efforts to stay ahead of the changes coming your way.

When Google makes a ton of changes like they are doing right now it helps expose a lot of these so called SEO companies. A few years ago there were only about 3 quality SEO companies in the region. Today there are over 3 dozen so called SEO companies. Google’s chaos mode right now is exposing a lot of the less qualified people or companies and flushing them out.

SEO is a lot of work and finding your SEO expert in a coffee shop or on Craigslist, etc. is usually a bad investment. Buying SEO services should not be about price – it should be about results. Good results establishes your business at legitimate and trustworthy.  Don’t think you are saving money by allowing anyone to take care of your SEO. You want good quality that will push your website to the top of the search engines and brand your business. Cheap price usually gives poor results and ends up costing you more than going for the quality. The loss is in the business revenue. You’re letting your competition get found first when your site does not show up.

Yes,Google is in total Chaos mode lately, but that’s not a bad thing if you know why and how to navigate during this chaotic time. If your “SEO person or company” is struggling to give you clear and accurate answers feel free to give us a call. We can help you understand it  and give you solid advice and direction.

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