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Pages per session Google analytics in SarasotaGoogle Analytics Pages Per Session report is a great way to see how well your website is doing for both current and new potential customers. The higher the number the better it is because it means you are engaging your viewers to learn more about your company, products, services, etc.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t filter this report properly and it produces disappointing results. The reality is that if you filter out all the spammers, scammers and ghost hits you will see a much higher result. In this case it went from 1.31 to the truer number of 3.14.

The spammers and ghost hits dilute the numbers because they hit your website with a single page hit over and over. This causes the numbers to average out lower and give you a false report. They trick Google Analytics by manipulating the data resulting in your results looking worst than they actually are.

Google likes expert websites and they are the ones that get the top page placement in the search results. The more pages that people click on during their session (pages per session) the more expert you become. This is one of the many metrics that Google uses for the search results but it is a big one.

More Google Analytic Information

Do you know what all the Google Analytic reports actually mean and how to interpret them, or even if, or why they are important? There is a wealth of knowledge in your analytic reporting and it can be the difference between making or breaking your company! Click on any of the data images below to learn how to interpret them properly.

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