Tip For Hiring a Web Designer

Don’t Hire a Web Designer In Another Country

Don’t hire a web designer in another country because you don’t really know what you are getting. We see a lot of challenges with the websites that we see that were designed outside the states. There are plenty of good web designers in your area to choose from. Going overseas is only to save a few dollars but the truth is we’ve seen people lose more money than they save.

There are many reasons to buy local/regional vs foreign designers. You just need to get a few quotes and see the quality you are getting for that price. Sure foreign web designers can charge a lot less because they have a lower cost of living and $500.00 where they live is a lot more than $500.00 where you are from. BUt here are three reasons that should make you think twice before hiring overseas.

Bad Code/Bad Focus

There is a lot of old code or style websites out there. They are all they know and can duplicate them over and over. We often look at sites and can tell if it was a foreign site. The challenge with old code is that it’s difficult to manage, update and they don’t play well in the search engines. Sure they might look good on the front side but it’s the behind the scenes that matters most.

Because many of these designers use pre-made themes over and over there is inevitably some bad code in there. We’ve seen Russian links embedded, UK focused code that doesn’t search well in America, bad links that can hurt the reputation of your business, images from foreign countries to represent your small town and that’s just the easy ones to find.

Bad Support

When your web designer is five thousand miles away it’s hard to reach him or her if they don’t want to speak with you. Then there’s the time difference, when you site goes down while they are sleeping you’re stuck waiting for them to wake up and get back to fixing your site. You have to rely on the internet to find a trustworthy designer and if you don’t know what you are looking at when viewing their website, directory listing, reviews, etc. it’s easy to caught up with their reputation – but how do you know? The internet is filled with fraud and in another country it’s really hard to see that.

Today I spoke with a person who paid good money for a website and the technical parts of it was developed by someone in New Zealand. The site failed and he had to wait a long time to get the issues taken care of. That should be unexceptionable. There really is no reason to go overseas to build a standard website because it isn’t that difficult to do that.

Ask your local web designer if the work is done locally and by their company. Make sure they have the experience to handle even a simple website, and most importantly ask those questions to a few different designers. Doing this will help you decide on which designer you are most comfortable with. Make sure all your questions are answered before you pay for your website. Hint – If you have a hard time understanding your designer there will probably be many misunderstandings in the end and that can be costly for your business.

More tips for hiring a web designer

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